Saturday, 2 February 2008

Audi R8

Audi R8 has made a spectacular debut at the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris last 2006. The super ultra-high performance Audi R8 combines tradition of the best classic sports car with futuristic construction, suspension technologies, and transmission supported by the strong reassurance of the Quattro four-wheel drive system.

Mounted longitudinally directly behind the cockpit of its comparatively lightweight 1,560 kilogram aluminum bodied Audi sports car is a powerful V8 engine. Spinning freely to its 8,250 rpm limit, the Audi R8 can sprint to 62 mph in a matter of 4.6 seconds and can reach a top speed of 187 mph which is extraordinary for a road-going Audi.

Sport cars enthusiasts may choose a six-speed manual transmission to channel the torque to the four driven wheels however the racing inspired “R tronic “ sequential shift gearbox with joystick and paddle control which uses shift by wire technology will surely entice more driving purists since it provide an unmatched rapid gear changes.

The Audi R8 has a near perfect 44 percent front/56 percent rear weight distribution for optimum handling balance and this was made possible through the efforts of Audi engineers who have device a method that involves the mounting of the powerful eight-cylinder unit as close as possible to the centre of the R8. A dry sump engine lubrication which was another first in the R8 also enabled the V8 to be mounted as close to the road as possible and lower the car’s centre of gravity.

The front and rear double wishbone suspension provides the needed agility of the R8 and can be controlled using a more traditional spring-and-damper set-up giving which results to a remarkably composed and comfortable ride which levels to the super car standards or by the advanced Audi magnetic ride system which was first seen in the new TT coupe. The R8 is also equipped with especially designed VW headlights which make use of the LED technology.

The classy dampers fitted as part of the Audi magnetic ride system swap conventional damper fluid for a magnetorheological fluid possessing minute magnetic particles that can be influenced by an electromagnetic field. And since it contains magnetic particles once voltage is applied the viscosity of the fluid is altered by the affected magnetic particles increasing resistance to the damper movement to iron out pitch and roll when necessary. This process also reduces resistance resulting to a more comfortable ride. The system continuously monitors road conditions and driving style and reacts accordingly to the info gathered.

Lastly the 19-inch 5 double spoke design alloy wheels that is fitted with 235/30 size tires at the front and 295/30 size at the rear performs really well with the help of the fast reacting hydraulic rack and pinion steering.

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