Saturday, 2 February 2008

Honda Civic Type R

The new Honda Civic has been designed to appeal to all markets. In days gone by, Honda’s were considered to be an old man’s car. To combat this, Honda took the previously bland Civic and turned it into a futuristic spaceship car that looks modern inside and out. Don’t worry though, Honda may have made the Civic pretty, but it is still the incredibly reliable, economical and an all round fantastic car it always has been.

The new Civic boasts Honda’s legendary build quality and reliability, and this is obvious when you’re in the cabin, with all materials used being high quality and giving a very sturdy feel. The modern styling from outside of the Civic has been carried through into the interior with loads of clever bits like a high mounted digital speedo and the switchgear being clustered together by theme. All the controls are well thought out and easy to use.

Space in the new Civic has ample space to seat four adults, plus the boot is huge and has a low lip to make loading easy.

The whole range of new Civics comes with a good level of standard specification, with even the base model benefiting from steering wheel adjustment, four electric windows, trip computer, twin front, side and curtain airbags, plus Stability control.

The new Civics’ real party trick apart from its modern styling is its driving appeal. Honda is renowned for building inspired engines, and the new Civic is no letdown. From the 1.4 petrol to the 2.2 diesel, all engines are economical and range from sprightly to plain fast. Add to the lineup of great engines a fine chassis and impressive handling, and you end up with a truly rewarding car.

The new Civic Type-R is so good; it has to be mentioned separately. It is the absolute ‘gem’ of the Civic family, and will excite all who drive it. If you can cope with the slightly firmer suspension, this car will be your very own Jekyll and Hyde.

By day the Civic Type-R is a livable family car with seating for 4 adults, a great boot and a reasonable average mpg of 31. By night the Civic Type-R disperses the 0-60 dash in 6.6 secs, and continues on to drive like a hooligan. The VTEC engine screams like a racecar and will make all the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The handling is superb and the fun factor is off the scale.

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