Sunday, 21 June 2009

009 Bentley Brooklands

At first glance, you will find it difficult to tell how big the Bentley Brooklands car model really is. It seems to be like a battleship steaming over the horizon and just keeps on becoming bigger and bigger the closer you get. More than likely you will be shocked when you find out and see that it is rolling on 20-inch wheels. Yes! You've heard it right.

The 2009 Bentley Brooklands is a new stunning amazing fresh model that marks the company's return to the luxury coupe market and reconfirms its name as the maker of the world's most exclusive coupe. It is the ultimate Bentley automobile as a stylish four-seater,with grand impressive touring coupe with classic British dimensions and brawny performance.

Its four-seat architecture as well as its deeply bolstered seats give the Brooklands' interior a distinctly sporty yet elegant look. The design accents including aluminum pedals and footrest complement its light but enchanting atmosphere. In this new 2009 model, you will also see a new single-piece, hide-trimmed roof lining that flows from the front widescreen all the way to the back of the car. This roof lining gives a mirror effect of the long and sleek profile of the elegant exterior. On the other hand, its interior design offers the very highest levels of comfort and legroom. Without a doubt, this grand touring classic of Bentley with pillarless window design improves the feeling of space.

Indeed, it is a coupe of gigantic proportions. It is built with a 213-inch two-door style that is almost as long as a Lincoln Town Car and at 5853 pounds that is about as much as a Chevy Suburban. Amazingly, it has an engine that could power even the Titanic. It is precisely crafted by the phenomenal performance engineering of Bentley's 2009's prominent Crewe-construct V-8 engine. This engine is developed with 530 horsepower and has a twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter unit that produces 774 lb-ft of torque at 3250 rpm. It is the world's torquiest automotive engine as well as the most powerful V-8 ever from Crewe.

Every Brookland's coupe will be hand-made, accentuated with classic coach building techniques and the skillfulness abilities in leather hide and wood veneer for which Bentley is renowned. And the production line will be harshly limited to just 550 automobile cars to ensure it is a collectors item. Deliveries of these new models are expected to launch in the first half of 2008.

Bentley claims the Brooklands zooms to be as much as 60 miles per hour in 5 seconds. It also claims that it can hit a 100-miles per hour mark in just 6.7 seconds after it hits 60 miles per hour.

As with the latest Arnest sedan and Azure convertible, it has built on the powertrain improvements such as a six speed transmission with strengthened casing that changes the way in which both parts of the drive train communicate. Other enhancements are re-profiled camshafts, low-inertia turbochargers, a sport exhaust, and a sophisticated, locking torque converter as well as ESP system.

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